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DOLR Student Loan Options

Navigating student loan options and payments is one of the most difficult things young workers face after graduating from a higher education institution. Finding ways to pay back student loans on top of other monthly payments, bills, and obligations can put a strain on already stressed workers.  

Many of those with student loan debt, consider debt repayment employer benefits important when looking for a new job. Student loan repayment assistance can be a monumental relief for those who owe, as something as simple as knowing your employer is there to help you find resources for debt repayment can help ease the burden. 

Financial stress is the chief motivator for workers finding new jobs, or staying at their existing ones. For SOCA members, DOLR is an excellent benefit that employers can use to help their employees pay back their student debt and discover the financial freedom they need. DOLR can also help employers retain their valued employees by helping them find the resources they need like student loan forgiveness programs, sources of extra payments, and other factors that help them reduce their monthly payments. 

In this post, we will discuss DOLR, the employee benefit that helps workers find financial freedom through superior repayment options. We will tell you what DOLR is and how it helps with student debt, the benefits DOLR provides, and how DOLR helps businesses attract and retain employees. Keep reading to learn more! 

What is DOLR and How Does it Help with Student Loans?