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Energy Efficiency Benefits to Help Your Business Thrive

Every business is looking to cut costs and boost efficiency. However, what often gets forgotten about is the need to create sustainable solutions that will reduce waste and energy consumption.  

Environmentally friendly solutions not only help your business contribute to a greener world, but they also can attract employees and support from eco-positive causes. Through SOCA, energy-efficient solutions can even save you money.  

SOCA offers two distinct eco-friendly benefits, The Chamber Energy Savings Program and the Chamber Sustainability Program.  

If ways to save money on your business's energy costs, or energy efficiency benefits for your business, then these two programs are great ways to accomplish these goals. This is especially relevant in the winter when temperatures get colder and the sun sets earlier. In this post, we will take a deeper dive into each of these two programs and how they can help your business thrive.  

What Can the Chamber Energy Program Offer My Business? 

The Chamber Energy Program is one of the best ways for your business to implement renewable energy solutions, reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce your energy savings.  

This program gives your business five unique perks that will significantly save your business on energy bills. We will explore them below.  

Low fixed prices for electricity and natural gas 

This perk, caps your electricity and natural gas costs and makes your month-to-month energy and gas spending more reliable. 

Contract renewal management 

Renewing your energy contracts can be a stressful process. This perk provides you with the expert advice you need to get the best deal for your next contract.  

Natural gas sales tax exemptions for restaurants and non-profits 

For restaurants and non-profits only, this perk exempts you from paying steep taxes on your natural gas usage.  

Utility lighting rebate 

Your business can get funds back on your utility lighting costs. This helps keep your spaces well-lit while cutting down on costs.  

Electric and natural gas procurement 

This perk ensures that your business never overpays in electric or natural gas costs while maintaining a healthy supply.  

While these five main perks can provide your business with significant savings, perhaps the biggest perk of this benefit is that you have the unique opportunity to work with the experts at Clean Energy Associates (CEA) to help with your utility and cost management needs. The CEA will analyze and shop for supply options to provide members with additional savings, including: 

- Low fixed prices for electricity and natural gas 

- Favorable contract terms and conditions for your energy procurement needs 

- Contract renewal management to help you avoid costly variable rates 

- Natural gas sales tax exemptions for non-profits, manufacturers, and restaurants 

These perks are designed to produce significant savings for your business. They also go hand-in-hand with one another to compound your savings. 

How can SOCA's programs add value to your business and empower employees? Learn more here! 

What Can the Chamber Sustainability Program Offer My Business?