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Member Spotlight: Companion Care Animal Hospital

Welcome to SOCA's member spotlight, a series where we shine a light on one of our chamber members to show off what they do and how they make their community a better place to live and work.  

Today's member spotlight is focused on Companion Care Animal Hospital in Fairfield.  

They are a team of pet lovers with a mission of providing a happy and healthy life for pets through education, disease prevention, medical treatment options, and comfort care in their senior years. 

Let's take a closer look at Companion Care Animal Hospital and how they make a difference in the Fairfield community every day.  

Introducing Companion Care Animal Hospital 

Companion Care Animal Hospital is an animal hospital in Fairfield, Ohio that has been proudly serving animals and their owners in the same location for over five decades. Purchased by Dr. Karen Collins in 1994, the new facility was built in 2003 to provide top-tier pet care, with technological upgrades to match. 

They currently staff three veterinarians, Dr. Collins, Dr. Terri Roemer, and Dr. Anna L. Simensen, in addition to a staff of eight animal care professionals.  

Companion Care Animal Hospital Services 

Companion Care Animal Hospital offers many unique services designed to provide its patients with the best animal medical care available.  

Their services include: 

- Surgery 

- Spay/neuter 

- Dental care 

- Lab tests 

- Boarding  

- Pet insurance 

All services that every pet owner needs to keep their companions happy and healthy all year long.  

Some Facts to Know About Companion Care Animal Hospital 

Companion Care Animal Hospital is committed to Fairfield and the southern Ohio community. 

Here are some quick facts to know: 

- They put out a weekly blog aimed at providing resources for animal health 

These blog entries cover a wide variety of topics and are designed to help pet owners care for their beloved animals with helpful tips, tricks, and relevant information on food and the latest trends.  

- They have a resource page to help people with poison control, ePet Health, and DVM360 

This database of information helps pet owners find the information they are looking to help treat their pet's medical needs.  

- They also offer wellness checks for dogs and cats of all three age groups: puppies/kittens, active years, and senior animals  

These are short reports that detail what pet owners should be doing for their pets based on their age group. This includes tips on things like oral care, feeding guidelines, preventative care, and more.  

What Benefits Can SOCA Offer Your Small Business? 

SOCA is here for small businesses all over Ohio, just like Companion Care Animal Hospital. 

Let's quickly look at some of the top benefits SOCA has to offer. 

SOCA Benefit Plan from Anthem 

The SOCA benefit plan, administered by Anthem, is a great way for small businesses to save money on health benefits. It provides your business with the option of adding exclusive benefits designed to help retain employees, including 24/7 Nurseline, Future Moms, ConditionCare and more! 

Workers Compensation with Hunter Consulting 

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401k Plans for Small Businesses 

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Elavon Payment Processing 

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Payroll Partners 

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More Benefits from Shipping Perks to Employee Education 

SOCA offers many other benefits that your business can use to save, including reduced shipping costs, professional employer organization perks, and student loan resources. 

Your Business Shines with SOCA 

SOCA is committed to helping our members shine throughout the state of Ohio with premium benefits and a network of small businesses that are stronger together.  

Companion Care Animal Hospital is just such a business, providing much-needed care to animals and their owners in the Fairfield area and all over Southern Ohio.  

We offer small businesses benefits ranging from retirement funds to shipping solutions. SOCA is here to help your small business thrive. 

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