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Six Ways to Attract Young Professionals to Your Chamber

Your chamber of commerce plays a vital role in your community. 

It gives the local economy a huge boost, helps business owners network, and drives growth. 

However, one thing that chambers of commerce are often missing is representation from young professionals. 

Young people hold major sway over the future direction of your community, so your chamber of commerce must do everything it can to attract young business owners and other professionals. 

SOCA has assembled a list of six ways your chamber of commerce can attract young professionals. 

Keep reading to learn more!

Chambers of Commerce: How to Attract and Retain Young Professionals 

The future of your chambers leadership lies in the youth. 

Professionals under 40 will be key to the future direction of your chamber. But how do you encourage them to participate in your chamber of commerce? 

Here are six tips. 

Invite Them! 

Young professionals may be intimidated by your experienced chamber. Or they may not realize that they are invited to take part. 

Either way, an invitation tells them that you are eager to have them participate. 

Try to invite younger speakers to your events and host events that are more suited for young professionals. 

Industries like software, technology, and media are all great ways to draw in a younger crowd. 

Invitations are the most direct way to let young professionals know that they are wanted and respected in your chamber of commerce. 

Offer Resources 

If you want to attract new members, you have to offer them something. 

Job markets call for more education than ever before. Young professionals looking to enter the workforce or advance their careers will be on the lookout for education, and your chamber is the perfect place to offer it! 

Hold certified workshops and classes geared toward young professionals and offer something that your attendees can put on their resumes. 

Use Social Media 

To attract young people, you have to go where they are. That place is social media. 

Young professionals may not be attending your chamber events simply because they do not know about them. 

Social media allows you to connect with and advertise to specific demographics to peak their interest. 

Dont waste time and money advertising in newspapers or magazines, use your advertising budget to attract young

professionals on social media. 

Partner with Local Colleges 

Colleges are the pipeline that introduces young professionals into the working world. By partnering with schools, your chamber of commerce can tap into a pool of fresh graduates. 

Make sure your chamber has a presence at college career centers and job fairs. 

Many young professionals are looking for ways to find employment opportunities, your chamber can serve as an excellent resource with its potential for networking. You will also serve as a connection between professionals and local businesses. 

Young people who found their careers through your chamber will be more likely to play an active role in the future. 

Targeted Marketing 

Take your marketing game beyond social media posts. 

If you want to attract young people, then you need to create targeted advertisements. Creating content that is meant for the masses will not draw in your desired demographic, you must make marketing materials that aim for young professionals specifically. 

You don't need to be subtle either. Make it obvious that your chamber is looking for young professionals. Include information about how your chamber can help young people succeed in the workplace and even start their own businesses. 

Demonstrate your chamber's value to young people and create materials for social media and local colleges. 

Make it a Personalize Experience 

As we said with marketing, what will work for the masses will not always draw in young people. 

Create events and experiences that feel personalized. Events that are too general will likely not offer anything of value to young professionals (although they may draw in professionals with more experience in their field). 

Use survey data to find out what young people need from your chamber and give it to them. 

Do they need help finding jobs? Do they need mentors to guide them in their careers? 

Finally, ask the young people you already have attending chamber events for help in drawing in more young professionals.

Take Your Chamber Further with SOCA 

If you are struggling to attract young professionals to your chamber, it may come down to a lack of resources. 

If your chambers budget is tight and you cant afford to focus on marketing and outreach, then SOCA is here to help! 

Our goal is to provide your chamber with the resources you need to succeed while you pay less. 

From Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs), and 401k plans for small businesses, to energy solutions and health plans, SOCA is here to help give your local chamber a boost. 

Curious about what SOCA can do for you? Reach out today!

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