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How to Get the Most out of Your Chamber Membership

As a small business owner, you need to take advantage of every resource you can. Your chamber of commerce is one of the best resources available to you. 

However, many small business owners do not use their chamber benefits to their full extent. 

Your chamber of commerce is the ultimate networking tool and a superior method of free advertising. 

There are many ways that you can use your chamber membership that you may never have even thought of. 

SOCA has assembled our list of the top ways you can get the most out of your chamber membership. 

Here are some of SOCAs top tips for making the most out of your chamber of commerce.

Making the Most of Your Chamber of Commerce 

Your chamber of commerce is the best tool you have to give your small business a boost. 

Here are some of SOCAs top tips for making the most out of your chamber of commerce. 

Attend Chamber Events 

Sometimes the simplest actions are the most effective. By going to your local chamber events, you are taking part in the greatest networking and informational opportunities available to you. 

At these events, you will meet other small business owners and get information on local events are charity drives that your business can join. 

Most chambers have a dozen or more events a year. You dont need to attend every event, but going to two or three a year can reap great benefits for your business. 

Interact with Your Chambers Social Media 

First things first, follow your chambers social media pages if you have not already. 

Your chamber of commerce puts a lot of work into creating posts that provide local businesses with tips and resources for improving their business including health coverage information, energy-saving programs, hiring best practices, and more! 

When you interact with your chamber's social media (including liking and sharing posts) it boosts your business's social media visibility too. Beyond that, when you share your social media love with your chamber, your chamber is more likely to support your social media page right back. 

Identify What You Hope to Gain from Your Chamber Involvement 

This one is a personal goal that only requires thought and self-reflection (easy, right?). 

What do you hope to gain through your membership in your local chamber? More connections? Access to better resources? Involvement with the community? Improved business skills? 

Create a list of your top three goals and determine the best way your chamber can help you accomplish your ambitions. In one year look back. Where have you succeeded? Where can you do better? 

Let Customers and Clients know that You are a Chamber Member 

Display your chamber membership proudly! Post a membership sticker in your store window, include your membership status in the signature of your email, make posts on social media, and more. 

The fact that you are a member of your local chamber will encourage customers and clients to make purchases and collaborate with you. 

Use Chamber Tools that Help You Reduce Bottomline Expenses 

Chambers of commerce offer many cost-saving opportunities, discounted products and services, and other special offers. These offers are designed to help you reduce your bottom line and can even offset your chamber membership fees if you use them correctly. 

These offers can save your funds on office supplies, credit card processing, worker's comp, and more. Regularly check with your chamber to see what benefits they can offer you.

Get Better Chamber Benefits with SOCA 

Your chamber of commerce exists to help your small business. Dont let your benefits go by the wayside. 

Take advantage of the benefits your chamber offers you. 

At SOCA we offer chambers of commerce all over the state of Ohio superior benefits including expanded healthcare coverage, retirement PEP plans, pooled employer plans, and more. 

If your chamber could use a boost, reach out to SOCA today!

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