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SOCA is Helping Businesses Combat Rising Utility Costs

At SOCA, our highest priority is protecting small businesses. However, no one is immune to the current rise in utility costs. Rises in electricity and natural gas prices are especially concerning. Small businesses are focused on maintaining profit margins and combatting rising costs for essentials. SOCA is here to lend a helping hand. 

In this post, we will briefly go over how SOCA members can take advantage of the Chamber Energy Program to help their small businesses save extra funds

Rising Prices on Essentials 

We are all seeing rising costs at the local gas pump, in our grocery stores, and on our utility bills. As you may be aware, natural gas and electricity rates have increased substantially and with the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States may need to export additional natural gas to Europe which could cause prices to rise even further. 

We are concerned for our members and want to do everything in our power to help mitigate these costs. Our member benefit, the Chamber Energy Program, assists members with lowering their electric and natural gas costs every day and we are providing no-cost, no-obligation bill reviews. We will review your current rates, help you understand if you are on the standard utility rate, in a government aggregation program, or are in a supply agreement, and provide recommendations that could protect your bottom line. 

It is important to us that our members are educated about their current situation so they can have peace of mind that they are in a good place. Here are some examples of bills we reviewed so far: 

  • Members with a supplier that went from a fixed price to an extremely high variable rate 
  • Business owners that have already secured a competitive rate 
  • Restaurants paying more than they should for sales tax on their natural gas bills 
  • Tax-exempt churches and nonprofits paying sales tax on their natural gas bills 
  • Members that locked in a long term supply agreement at above-market rates 

I encourage you not to wait. Please take a few minutes and send in a copy of your recent electric and natural gas bills to  Allow us to review your utility bills and provide options that may protect you from rising utility costs.

Save with SOCA 

Rising utility costs are a grave concern for small businesses all over the country. But you do not have to fight rising costs on your own. 

SOCA is here to help. Let us review your utility bills and help you find options to protect your business from rising utility costs. 

If you are not already a member of SOCA, the time to join is now. 

Only SOCA can offer the best benefits and advantages when it comes to protecting your business. We have helped businesses and chambers all over the state of Ohio. Now it is time for us to help you. 

Join SOCA today!

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