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How to Develop a Professional Team made for Growth

The best way to improve your business is through measured, thought-out investments. 

You have many different options to choose from when deciding where to invest your resources. One of the most overlooked areas of investment in human capital. 

Your employees are one of the most powerful tools you have. Without your employees, every other tool your company utilizes would be useless. 

Because of this, a company that plans to grow must invest its resources in finding new employees and developing the talent they already have on payroll. 

When you choose the right employees to add to your team, your company can expand rapidly and shatter professional goals. The key is creating a team that is designed for growth. 

But how do you target growth when looking for new employees? 

In this post, we will go over some strategies to employ when hiring new employees as well as some cultural changes your company can make to encourage growth.

Growth from the Top Down 

If you want to create a professional team that is focused on sustainability and growth, then there are several clear steps that your business must take. These changes must be facilitated at the highest level and implemented for every employee. 

Follow the strategies below to help create perpetual growth in your business. 

Diversify skillsets. 

Many hiring managers make the mistake of hiring employees that they feel have similar strengths to already established workers. This feels like a safe option to many managers. After all, if one employee with a similar skill set found success, why shouldnt another? 

Instead of identifying the skills that have already made your company strong, look for skills that your company is lacking. 

Take this example. You run a sales team that sells medical supplies. Your team consists of six salespeople, and you want to grow. Your sales team is already great at forming relationships and familiarizing themselves with products, but they have no analytical background. 

Your next hire should not be a salesman, instead, you should pursue someone with an analytical background to help your already proficient sales team find more areas to make sales. 

Create a culture of fresh ideas. 

Just like how your company needs a team with diverse skillsets, your company also needs diverse thoughts and backgrounds. 

Add team members of different genders, races, ages, and ethnicities to discover new, exciting ideas. 

Your business will benefit from new perspectives from different cultures and generations. 

The more demographics you hire from, the more innovative ideas will become commonplace in your business. 

Prioritize collaboration. 

When your team members work together, they will be able to achieve much more than they can on their own. 

Create clear structures and roles for your employees. Next, create plans and goals for your team to accomplish. 

If your company works like a well-oiled machine, you will be able to complete projects more quickly and generate more revenue. 

When hiring new employees prioritize teamwork and avoid lone wolves. 

Create a culture of communication. 

Your team members must trust one another. As a part of that trust, employees must feel comfortable knowing that their ideas will not be ridiculed or dismissed without consideration. 

Teams work best when employees feel they can take risks and be vulnerable around one another. 

You will be able to attract more potential employees with a higher average skillset if you create a psychologically safe culture. 

Your employees should support each other and feel comfortable taking moderate risks in pursuit of higher goals. 

Grow Your Business without Reservations 

The best way to grow your business is through the power of an investment. 

When your business makes money, you must invest that profit into making your business more efficient. 

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is by fostering a team of well-qualified individuals who share your companys vision. 

If you want to attract better team members, then you must offer a superior benefits package. 

SOCA offers premium benefits packages for small businesses that rival the cost and coverage of even the largest corporations. 

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