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Tips For Small Businesses: A More Effective Shipping Process

For small business owners, the shipping process for their products can be difficult to master. 

Many small business owners fall into one of two categories. First, they have a current carrier that is effective, but they spend too much money. Or, second, they do not have a carrier and they are trying to find one with reasonable shipping costs and reliable delivery. 

Overspending on shipping can cut into a business's bottom line, but unreliable shipping strategies can cause their customers to head for the door. 

If you own a small business and sell products that you need to ship, or are looking for cost-effective shipping solutions, then this is the post for you. 

PartnerShip and SOCA have assembled three proven tips to help you achieve a more effective shipping strategy. 

Tips for a Better Shipping Process for Small Businesses 

For small business owners that rely on shipping the products they sell, improving shipping strategy and cost can be huge for their bottom line. 

Use these tips to improve shipping rates for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, or Columbus small business. 

Use Scheduled Pick-Ups to Work More Efficiently 

On busy days, small business owners are lucky enough to find time for lunch, let alone multiple drop-offs to their shipping providers. 

Instead, schedule a one-time pick-up on busy days so you dont have to dedicate time to driving to a storefront to drop off your packages. 

Alternatively, you can plan ahead by scheduling automated, regular arrivals so you can be certain that you are sending out your products at regular intervals. 

Automate Your Returns Process When You Can 

Automation is the wave of the future. The more you use the digital tools at your disposal, the easier the shipping process will be for you and your customers. 

Consider using reusable packaging that your customers can repurpose for return orders. This will make the shipping and return process easier for your customers and you will know exactly what package your product return will come in. 

You can also use automation by including a return label and instructions for customers who want to return their orders. 

Any steps you can take to make the shipping and returns process easier will streamline the experience for both parties and make it more likely that your customers will order from your e-commerce store again. 

Use Address Verification Software to Ensure Shipping Label Accuracy 

For small businesses that rely on e-commerce for income, there is nothing more disruptive than an inaccurate address label. When the shipping address is incorrect, your shipment may be misdirected, or you may waste your time with redelivery. 

Shipping label verification software ensures that your package is routed to the correct location every time without causing extra work for you, or stress for your customers.

Shipping Processes You Can Count on with PartnerShip 

If you have a small business that sells products that you need to ship, then you cannot afford to have any disruptions to your shipping process. 

You need a partner that can help you develop advanced shipping strategies to ensure that your shipping process is optimized to save you both time and money. 

If you are a SOCA member, then PartnerShip is the ideal shipping partner for you. 

PartnerShip offers SOCA members exclusive FedEx discounts available through the FedEx Advantage program and freight savings with competitive carriers through PartnerShip. 

For more tips on shipping strategies for retailers partnered with SOCA and exclusive discounts you wont find anywhere else, check out our shipping benefits from PartnerShip today! 

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