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Prepare Your Small Business for the Holidays with Elavon Payment Processing

The holiday season is upon us and for small businesses that means an increase in sales, special promotions, and increased foot traffic. 


The right payment processing solution can help your business thrive, but the wrong one can be a setback. Worse, it could cause your small business to lose out on key sales. 


SOCA has partnered with Elavon Payment Processing to help make your business thrive this holiday season. 


Elavon Payment Processing offers you several unique benefits that are designed to help grow your business and set you apart from competing brands. 


In this post, SOCA and Elavon will give you some tips for preparing your business for the holidays, and the advantages of Elavon as a payment processor.

Quick Tips for Preparing for the Holiday Season 


The holiday season will likely be the busiest time of year for your small business. Here are a few quick tips to help you prepare. 


  • Make Sure You Have Enough Inventory  

Know what the most popular items will be and make sure you have them in stock. You are throwing money away if you run out of your bestsellers too quickly. 


  • Build Suspense for Black Friday and the Holiday Season 

Run promotions, invest in marketing, and tell your customers what they can expect from you this holiday season. 


  • Use the Best Payment Technology 

Your point of sales machine needs to be fast, efficient, and capable of offering multiple payment methods. 

Talech, a POS tablet from Elavon, gives you multiple ways to pay and lets you handle returns and exchanges seamlessly. 


  • Enhance Your Online Store Experience 

This year, more people will shop online than ever before. Your business should have a comprehensive online store to help customers make purchases without ever stepping into your store. 


  • Extend Your Sales All Season Long 

Your promotions shouldnt stop on Black Friday. Keep your promotions running through the holiday season for the best chance of success. 


Elavon Payment Processor Elevates Your Small Business 


Some payment processors are better than others. Your small business needs the very best if you want to maintain your reputation among consumers. 


When you use Elavon for your payment processing solutions, you will notice many benefits to your small business immediately. 


Below are some of the biggest benefits of partnering with Elavon. 


  • Security and Compliance 

Protect sensitive data with the latest security technologies. We also make it easy to meet PCI DSS requirements and reduce compliance validation efforts. 


  • Get a More Powerful Platform 

Seamless integration that supports a range of payment types. Efficiently manage transactions, chargebacks, reporting, and more from a single platform. 


  • Dedicated Customer Support 

Elavons locally based, multilingual support team is available 24/7/365 to help with your questions. 


  • Convenient, Easily Accessible Reporting 

Monitor your account at your convenience from any web browser. 


  • Accept All Payment Types your Holiday Shoppers Use 

Elavon enables businesses to accept all major credit and debit cards, corporate, purchasing commercial cards, and electronic checks. If your customers are ready to buy, make sure you can accept all forms of payment.

Take Your Small Business Further with SOCA and Elavon 


This holiday season, you need to put your small business first. That means choosing the payment processing solution that best supports you and your customers. 


When you partner with Elavon, you will never miss a sale again due to point-of-sale issues. 


Elavon gives you reliable customer support and the versatility to accept any method of payment. 


Read more from Elavon. 


SOCA has partnered with Elavon, a leading payment processor, to provide you with innovative payment solutions to enhance your business. Chamber members who take advantage of Elavons payment processing program will get the Chambers preferred partner pricing. 


If you are ready to give your small business a boost this holiday season with payment processing solutions for small businesses, then it is time to reach out to SOCA today! 


Satisfied with the SOCA advantage? Leave us a review on Google today! 

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