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Why Experience Matters in Workers' Compensation Claims Handling

In the professional world, experience is king. 

That is true regardless of whether you are looking to hire a new employee or if you need to handle workers compensation claims. 

Workers compensation claims are a complex matter and if improperly handled, they can lead to trouble for your business and your employees down the line. 

If your business is amid a workers compensation claim, then you will need a third-party administrator (or TPA) to help you handle the claim. 

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A TPA with extensive experience in handling workers compensation cases will ensure that both your company and your employees are protected and the claims process is handled the right way. 

In this post, we will go over why experience matters in workers compensation claims handling and why you should use a TPA for all workers compensation cases. 

Workers Compensation Claims Need Experienced Account Managers 


Workers compensation claims are complex legal matters that need specialized expertise to navigate successfully. 

An experienced claims handler can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting the interests of the company and the injured worker. 

Lets take a look at a few reasons why experience is necessary when addressing workers compensation claims. 

An Experienced Claims Handler Understands the System 

A claims handler with experience has already been there and done that and they know how the workers comp system works, and which avenues produce the best results. 

They will have handled hundreds or thousands of claims cases over their career, thus giving them a wealth of knowledge about the laws, regulations, and procedures that govern the system. This means that they will be able to identify various potential obstacles and issues early in the process and develop strategies to overcome them. 


An Experienced Claims Handler Can Manage Multiple Parties 


An experienced handler can manage multiple parties including the employer, injured worker, medical providers, and the insurance carrier. 

They will have the skills to effectively communicate with each party to ensure that everyone is well informed and has the information they need to resolve the claim quickly and effectively. This is especially important in cases where there are disputes or disagreements about the claim. 


An Experienced Claims Handler Understands the Medical Aspects of the Claim 


One of the biggest benefits of experienced claims handlers is that they will understand the medical aspects of the claim in addition to the insurance industry. 

They will be able to read and interpret medical reports, understand the significance of specific medical treatments, and communicate effectively with medical providers. 

An Experienced Claims Handler Understands the Financial Aspects of the Claim 

An experienced claims handler will be able to calculate the appropriate funds owed to the injured party, negotiate with insurance carriers, and ensure that the employer is not overpaying on claims. 

This experience can save the employer significant amounts of money over time and will ensure that the injured worker is properly compensated. 


An Experienced Claims Handler Brings Professionalism and Accountability 


An experienced TPA knows how to handle claims ethically to ensure that the injured employee and the employer are both treated fairly. They also know the importance of maintaining precise records and prompt communication with all parties. 

This professionalism and accountability help build trust between parties and helps ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Better Workers Compensation Results with SOCA and Hunter Consulting 


Workers compensation cases can be difficult to navigate. For that reason, you need a third-party administrator you can count on. 

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