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How to Make the Most of Your Mental Health Resources

Your employees health is one of the most important aspects of your business. 

You rely on healthy employees to meet deadlines, fulfill quotas and generate new ideas. 

However, when focusing on health, many workplaces focus on physical health and overlook or minimize the importance of mental health. 

Mental health has worsened in recent years and according to the State of the Nations Mental Health report, 40% of adults reported signs of anxiety or depression in 2020. That is an increase of 10% from the 2019 study. Treatment for mental health did not increase at the same rate. 

Poor mental health leads to deteriorating performance at work and makes it difficult for employees to find happiness in their lives. 

Making the most of mental health resources is one of the best ways to combat mental health conditions and achieve a healthier workplace. 

Keep reading to find out how your workplace can create mental health resources to help employees improve their mental state.

How Your Business Can Implement Better Mental Health Resources 

Businesses that offer mental health resources to their employees help employees improve efficiency at work. 

Below are a few suggestions to help make your workplace a healthier work environment. 

Create Safe and Protected Spaces 

One of the biggest problems with mental health in the workplace is that employees fear that they will be discriminated against if they share their stress or mental difficulties. They worry that they will be viewed as unqualified or incapable of taking on more responsibilities. 

Organizational leaders can make safe and protected spaces by making it clear to employees that they can feel comfortable and safe approaching you about accommodations they need to help prevent burnout. 

Offer Mental Health Days 

Sick days and personal days are a given in many workplaces. You wouldnt think twice about an employee calling off over the flu or for a doctors appointment, it should be no different when concerning mental health. 

Many employers are now opting to give their employees specific mental health days that are separate from their PTO. 42% of employees have left a company due to burnout. A handful of extra off days per year can help your employees manage their mental health and keep them around for much longer. 

Be Proactive and Never Restrictive 

Make sure your employees know where they can go for therapy and ways they can practice self-care. 

Look for community partners that can come into your workplace and speak with your staff about the resources available to them. 

This can come in the form of speaking about physical wellness, meditation, nutrition, or other factors that play into mental health.

Better with SOCA Resources 

Without healthy employees, your business will not be able to function. One of the most important factors to consider when keeping your employees healthy is mental health. 

To ensure that your employees can manage their mental health you need superior resources and benefits. 

Take care of your employee's mental health and well-being with the SOCA Benefit Plan. Be a part of a large, self-funded pool backed by Anthem. Learn more about the SOCA Benefit Plan here

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