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Can My Small Business Join Multiple Chambers of Commerce?

For small businesses, a good chamber of commerce is the key to growth. 

Chambers of commerce do many things for small businesses, from providing them with the local connections they need to thrive to giving them exclusive discounts and benefits they wont find anywhere else. 

However, many small business owners have questions when it comes to chambers of commerce. 

The Southern Ohio Chamber Association is here to answer all your small business chamber of commerce questions. 

What value does a chamber of commerce provide your small business? Find out here! 

Small business chambers of commerce provide a business community and business resources that help boost community engagement and small business representation in local economies. 

Because of that, understanding how chambers of commerce work is essential. 

In this series, the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance will answer all your small business chamber of commerce questions for all SOCA chamber members. 

Today we will look at a common question asked by SOCA chamber members, can small businesses join multiple chambers of commerce? 

Keep reading to find out, and we will tell you about the additional benefits of chamber involvement for SOCA chamber members and how you can get more involved in your local business community.

The Advantages of Joining Multiple Chambers of Commerce in Ohio 

Can my small business join multiple chambers of commerce? 

The short answer is yes, your small business can join multiple chambers of commerce. No rule says you can only join one. 

If your small business has the means and resources, joining more than one chamber can yield significant advantages. 

Every chamber of commerce is different, so be sure that you check your prospective chambers rules and guidelines before applying. 

You will likely need to have a business within the chamber's borders and have political goals that align with one another. Beyond that, the chambers of commerce you choose to join are up to your discretion. Just make sure you do not stretch yourself too thin, join only one new chamber at a time, and take advantage of its resources before you look to join another. 

Here are the three biggest advantages of joining multiple chambers of commerce. 

  • You get access to a wider range of resources and services 
  • You have increased networking opportunities because of your greater exposure 
  • You have the opportunity to expand into new markets 

If you already belong to one chamber of commerce, then there are numerous advantages to joining a second. Just be sure that you are taking full advantage of the chambers you are already a part of before you join a new one. 

What to Consider Before Joining a New Chamber of Commerce 

Ready to join your business with a new chamber of commerce? Great! Here are some considerations to make before you take the next step. 

What are the costs and fees associated with a chamber of commerce membership? 

Some chambers are more expensive than others. If your small business is looking to join a new chamber of commerce, keep in mind that you will have to pay for membership. Be sure you understand the full cost of membership and that the fees associated are worth the benefits you receive. 

What is the relevance of the chambers membership base to my business? 

You want to join a chamber of commerce that gives you ample networking opportunities. Take a look at the chambers membership base. Are they right for your business? Are there networking opportunities that may be worth your time and money? 

What is the geographical location of the chamber? 

When you join a chamber of commerce, you will want to attend events and networking opportunities. However, if you must drive a long way just to get to these events, is membership worth it? The best chambers to join are usually those that are closest to you. 

How Do I Make the Most of Joining Multiple Chambers of Commerce? 

If you decide to join your small business with multiple chambers of commerce, then you will want to take full advantage of the opportunities provided. 

Here are a few quick tips to help your Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, or Columbus small business jump into your new local business resources and referral network. 

  • Prioritize which chambers you join based on your businesss goals and needs 
  • Take full advantage of the resources and services offered by each chamber 
  • Always network and connect with other members to expand your businesss reach 

Better Ohio Small Businesses Join SOCA 

You want to improve your business. By joining your local chamber of commerce, you do just that! 

Want more out of your chamber of commerce membership? Check out this quick guide! 

However, if you want to take the next step in business networking, and your standing in your business community to the next level, then it is time to join the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance! 

SOCA chambers go further with unrivaled benefits for businesses small and large. Your business gets all the top benefits that can take you a step above the competition. SOCA offers everything from retirement plans to Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) to ensure your business can compete with the top corporate brands and attract the best talent in your field. 

Looking for more business resources to help your small business or chamber of commerce rise to the top? Join SOCA today! 

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