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Newest SOCA Benefits for Your Business in 2023

In 2023, the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) is now offering your Ohio business more benefits than ever before. 

We are proud to announce that we are offering three additional benefits to our chamber members to help your business improve payroll functions, build empathy skills, and beat student debt. 

Three New Business Benefits from SOCA 

SOCA has partnered with three new providers, Payroll Partners, Magnify Education, and DOLR, to give you business resources for cost savings and employee benefits. 

Payroll Partners 

Based in the Cincinnati area, Payroll Partners has been assisting Ohio businesses with payroll solutions and cost savings for over 20 years. Payroll Partners has a dedicated team member for each account, so you can always talk to a real person if you are in need of assistance. 

Here is what Payroll Partners does to help your small business: 

  • Payroll processing & tax filing that includes federal, state, and full-service local filings
  • Timekeeping, scheduling, and PTO modules
  • Ohio BWC premium payments and true-up filing
  • 401K/IRA contribution payment maintenance and reporting
  • Child support and other garnishment administration
  • Both paperless direct deposit and paper check delivery options are available 

Here is how Payroll Partners technology add-ons help your companys HR: 

  • Applicant tracking module for recruiting 
  • E-Signature employee form delivery and tracking module
  • Benefit online enrollment module with built-in carrier connection feeds
  • Performance reviews and talent development modules
  • Compensation and succession planning modules 

In addition, they offer fully integrated, cloud based solutions for HR, payroll, talent acquisition, time and attendance, scheduling and more. 

When you use your benefits with Payroll Partner through SOCA, you get a partner that helps you hone your skills so you can focus on business. 

Learn more about Payroll Partners here!

Magnify Education 

Research has shown that increasing empathy among employees has a direct impact on a businesss bottom line. Companies that use empathy as a business resource see increased sales and reduced costs. 

Here is a quick overview of the program: 

Building Empathyweaves a story of evolution, DNA inhibitions, and how we as humans can overcome what is intrinsically inside of us to grow and embrace those around us. This program shows your team that there is diversity in every successful team. And that a wide range of skills and abilities play an important part in collaborative success.  

Here are a few benefits of building empathy: 

  • Increasing empathy boosts your bottom line through increased retention, innovation, engagement, inclusion, and better health
  • Enhancing empathy helps your employees be better leaders
  • The program is flexible for use in a group or for employees to use on-demand
  • Science-focused lessons help learners understand and embrace the material
  • Animation increases engagement and learning 


Magnify created an online curriculum that helps your employees learn to navigate the surrounding world. 

Magnify Educations Building Empathy is a science-based, on-demand, online video education program that teaches your employees how to use empathy in the workplace. Participating SOCA chambers receive 10% off the cost of this program. 

Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, there are certain skills that ensure you present yourself in reliable, capable, and professional manner. Magnify supplies your employees with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace and beyond. 

Check out more information on Magnify Education here! 


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Dolr enables SOCA members to engage, retain, and recruit talent by offering information on student debt repayment. Tax-deductible student loan benefits from Dolr are low-lift, high-reward benefits addressing student loan debt. With Dolr, employers across the state are reducing turnover and increasing engagement across their teams. 

Dolr aims to help businesses and those with student loans by helping to find cashback for student loans, process automatic payments, and provide a support network for borrowers. SOCA helps small businesses attract high-quality employees by giving them resources to pay off their student loans. 

Dolr offers digital tools to help you calculate a student repayment timeline to help your team optimize their student loan repayments. They understand that student debt is a financial burden, and they want to empower members to give them a clear path to $0 debt. 

Student debt causes financial, emotional, and societal stress. Dolr wants to reduce these burdens for a better tomorrow. 

Learn more information here! 

Small Business Benefits in Ohio with SOCA 

Your business needs business resources and benefits to thrive in todays market. With SOCA, you can get all the cost savings and employee benefits your business needs to attract and retain top talent. 

If your business could use more benefits in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, or anywhere in Ohio, then SOCA is here for you! 

We help small businesses compete with even the largest corporations by providing the benefits they need to attract and retain top talent. 

For business benefits, you can count on, reach out to SOCA today

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