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What Workers Need to Know About Ohio’s Worker Compensation

Worker compensation (sometimes called workers comp) is one of the most important resources you have available to you. 

A form of insurance, worker compensation provides wages and medical benefits to employees who were injured on the job. In exchange for these benefits, the injured employee agrees not to sue their employer for the damages incurred at the workplace. 

Workers comp is part of a great compromise between workers and employers that started in 1911. Before that point, workers would sue when injured on the job and employers would defend themselves. Typically, the employer would win and the worker would be left without wages or medical coverage. 

In todays world, workers comp is an essential part of any job. Because of this, employees in Ohio must understand this program and how it affects them in the workplace. 

Keep reading to learn more about Ohio Worker Compensation and how it applies to you.

Understanding Ohio Worker Compensation 

Worker compensation is a great program as it helps employees afford their medical bills and cover missed wages until they can get back to work. 

Most employees will never have to deal with worker compensation as safety standards will protect them from injury on the job. However, accidents do happen and if you are injured, there are a few things you need to know. 

  • Ohio workers' compensation helps injured workers and employers cope with workplace injuries 
  • The Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) pays medical benefits and lost wages to employees who are injured or contract an occupational disease on the job 
  • BWC pays death benefits to survivors when a death results from a work-related injury or disease 

The BWC works alongside Ohios employers to prevent workplace accidents. Safety training and on-site consulting services play an important role in keeping workers safe. 

BWC offers numerous programs and initiatives specifically designed to protect employees from every industry. 

In Ohio, there are two types of employers when it comes to workers comp. 

  • State-funded employers. Both private and public employers pay an insurance premium to the BWC to purchase a workers' comp policy. The BWC then pays workers directly if they are the victim of a workplace injury. The employers managed care organization handles the injured employees healthcare and helps them return to work. 
  • Self-insuring employers. These employers do not pay a premium to the BWC, instead, they take the financial risk to pay the claims costs of the injured employee after the work-related accident. The self-insured employer then pays compensation directly to the employee. 

In either case, workers are fully covered for on-site accidents. That means both wages and medical coverage is handled in full to take the burden off the injured party. 

Finally, there are a few types of special coverage you must be familiar with. 

  • Domestic coverage. This coverage refers to part or full-time employees working inside or outside of a private residence.
  • Elective coverage. This applies when an employer has no employees. In this case, workers comp is elective. 
  • Volunteer coverage. When the workers are volunteers, special coverage comes into play. 

Beyond these special coverages, there is also coverage for coal miners, longshoremen, and marine industry employees.

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