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Learn More About Solar Energy Solutions with Viridi

Sustainable energy solutions are one of the most important considerations for both businesses and homes. 

Not only do homes with renewable, or green, energy sources have a consistently low (or eliminated) electricity bill, but they also cut their carbon emissions footprint. 

But for many homes and businesses, it can be hard to picture what a green energy solution might look like. 

Our partners over at Viridi recently wondered the same thing and conducted a case study to help produce an example of a business going green to help reduce its electric bills and address carbon emissions. 

In this post, we will take a look at the recent Viridi solar energy case study to help you get a sense of the time, scale, and challenges of installing solar panels as a green energy solution.

Solar Energy for Small Businesses Case Study Through Viridi 

Solar energy is on everyones mind these days. Solar panels are growing cheaper by the day and now small businesses can realistically afford solar as a long-term energy solution. 

Here are the key points of a case study performed by Viridi to investigate the installation of solar panels by an Ohio small business and the green energy benefits the solar panels provided. 

About the Client 

Forest Meadow Villas is located in Medina, Ohio, and serves as an apartment complex for residents aged 55 and older. 

They were the ideal candidate for solar panels due to their individual, all-electric, single-story units and ample south-facing roof space. 

Jim Gerspacher, one of the buildings owners, expressed interest in converting the villas to solar to reduce energy costs, simplify the rental process for current and future tenants, and reduce Forest Meadows carbon footprint. 

Below is a breakdown: 

Industry: Real Estate Rental Communities 

Sustainability Solution: Solar Array 

Results (after final installation in 4 years): 

  • 1,368 rooftop solar panels mounted 
  • 658,421 kWh of solar power is produced each year 
  • 55% of the communitys electricity will be renewable and carbon-free. 

Problems and Solutions 

It can be hard to know where to begin when you want to go green. Viridi is here to help. 

Viridis energy engineers gather multiple solar proposals from trusted vendors, break the proposals down and analyze the true return on investment for each system. 

Viridi helped equip Jim and his team with the tools they needed to make an informed and cost-effective decision for Forest Meadows Villas. 

Results and Benefits


The solar project for Forest Meadows Villas will be installed in four phases over four years. The final solar system will produce approximately 658,421 kWh of power annually, or the equivalent of the electricity consumed by 90 average US homes combined. 

This system will achieve substantial environmental and budgetary benefits and will make the property more attractive for prospective renters. 

55% of the electricity used at the apartment complex will be supplied by solar energy and all residents will reap the benefits.

Solar Benefits Through Viridi and SOCA 

Today going solar is more realistic than at any other time in the past. 

If you are struggling to know where to get started, Viridi is here to help. Together with SOCA, Viridi offers your business two distinct green energy solutions. 

The first is the Viridi Wellness Program. This program allocates renewable energy certificates to employees to help reduce their carbon footprint and offset their electricity usage at home. 

The second is the Chamber Sustainability Program. Provided by Viridi, this program offers a comprehensive menu of energy-related sustainability solutions for members homes, small businesses, and large commercial operations. 

Both programs help reduce and offset your carbon footprint and provide substantial benefits for your business and employees. 

If you are interested in giving your business a green boost through the Viridi programs, then its time to reach out to SOCA today! 

Satisfied with the services SOCA provides your chamber of commerce and small business? Leave us a review on Google!  

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