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Best Management Tools for Businesses to use in 2021

Be the Best in the Business

Whether you own a small business or one that operates on a larger scale, it is important to have a variety of different management software to ensure that your business is on pace to complete your goals.  

In this post, we will go over some of the most popular management software for the 2021 fiscal year and how each can be used.

Management Tools 

  • Monday is an all-in-one relatively cheap software fit for any type of business. Monday offers four different packages: basic (for $17 a month), standard ($26 a month), pro ($39 a month), and enterprise (price based on quote). All prices are per every two employees and billed annually. Monday allows you to automate workflow, centralize processes, and offer insights into each project.  
  • Qualsys. Qualsys is ideal for medium to large businesses and follows a quote-based pricing model. There are four packages: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, and each offers increasing levels. Qualsys offers Document Control Software, Equipment Maintenance Software, Accident and Incident Management Software, Risk Management Software, Supplier Management Software, Bespoke Modules, Training Records Management Software, Complaints Management Software, Audit Management Software, and CAPA software. Qualsys has features for document control, policy and SOP control, complete supplier visibility, business intelligence reporting, competency management, and more. 
  • Scoro. Scoro is ideal for small and medium businesses and offers four price plans. Essential (starting at $26 per user), WorkHub (starting at $37 per user), Sales Hub (starting at $37 per user), and Business Hub (starting at $61 per user). Scoro allows users to schedule work, meetings, and assign tasks. Additionally, it can keep track of purchases and costs, compare several budget scenarios, and the setting of multi-currency custom rates. Scoro allows you to allocate billable and non-billable work, create budgets, and manage portfolios through configurable statuses.
  • Freshbooks. Freshbooks is best for small businesses and offers three price plans: lite ($15 per month), Plus ($25 per month), and Premium ($50 per month). Freshbooks helps you manage invoices and keeps track of expenses. You can manage payroll and project finance management, company finances, and payment for all taxes. Freshbooks automatically detects late fees and sends invoices, in addition to accepting credit card payments. You can generate bills in more than one currency and invoices in more than one language.  
  • Zoho One. Zoho One works for any business from small to large. A license for all employees costs $35 per employee. Flexible user pricing costs $90 per user. Zoho One offers an all-in-one licensing model. It offers creator apps for the Windows platform. For collaboration, it offers Notebook and Writer applications for Mac OS.  
  • StudioCloud. StudioCloud is ideal for any business from small to large. Studio cloud offers three price plans: free, PartnerBoost ($35 per month), and EmployeeBoost ($65 per month). This software is focused on business management and has features including managing clients, leads, organizations, partners, and vendors. StudioCloud also assists with scheduling and invoicing, as well as managing employees and lead generations. Administrators can create pipelines, deadlines, and tasks for projects. In addition, it offers the ability to import and export data and customize the interface of the software. You can also time track employees and accept credit cards and eSignatures from all clients.  

Manage your Business with Ease 

Every business needs proper oversight if it is to run efficiently. Whether you have 4 employees or 400, you need a 21st-century solution to keep your business on track. Management software such as those listed above is a great way to keep track of employee assignments and overall company finances.  

There are hundreds of more specialized tools out there, some fitting specific industries. Do your research and see if there is any specified software that works for your business model. The software listed in this article is meant for more general all-in-one use and is typically cheaper than more specialized tools as they have a larger base.  

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