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Payroll Partners

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance provides an extensive range of programs to local businesses of all industries in Ohio. We invite you to view the Payroll Program below.

(Please contact your Chamber to determine if they offer this benefit.)

About Us:

Our clients choose us because they are more than a number and treated like so. Based in the Cincinnati area, Payroll Partners has been assisting Ohio businesses with payroll for more than 20 years. Partnering with us means working with real people who guide you through our award-winning software successfully. Let us do our job so that you can focus on yours, while saving you time and peace of mind.


Our clients appreciate the simplicity of our single database that provides a consistent experience across the employee lifecycle. The best part is, these features are cloud-based, making them available anytime and anywhere on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.

For Small Business Owners:

  • Payroll processing & tax filing that includes federal, state, and full-service local filings
  • Time keeping, scheduling, and PTO modules
  • Ohio BWC premium payments and true up filing
  • 401K/IRA contribution payment maintenance and reporting
  • Child support and other garnishment administration
  • Both paperless direct deposit and paper check delivery options available

Our technology add-ons powered by UKG Ready for your company's HR consultant partner or your company's internal HR staff:

  • Applicant tracking module for recruiting
  • E-Signature employee form delivery and tracking module
  • Benefit online enrollment module with built in carrier connection feeds
  • Performance reviews and talent development modules
  • Compensation and succession planning modules

To learn more contact Matt Flynn at 937-829-5581 or

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