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Energy Solutions

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance provides an extensive range of programs to local businesses of all industries in Ohio. We invite you to view Energy Solutions Program below.

Reduce Energy Costs with Energy Solutions from SOCA 

(Please contact your Chamber to determine if they offer this benefit.) 

SOCA recognizes that small businesses are constantly seeking cost-saving solutions that are also environmentally friendly. Sustainable practices can also help your business attract and retain customers and employees who are environmentally conscious.

That is why SOCA offers two benefits: The Chamber Energy Program and The Chamber Sustainability Program. 

The Chamber Energy Program

The Chamber Energy Program administered by Community Energy Advisors provides energy supply solutions for members: 


Small businesses

Large commercial operations 

These renewable energy solutions are perfect for those businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while also reaping energy savings. 

Small businesses who get more energy savings enjoy: 

Low fixed prices for electricity and natural gas

Contract renewal management

Natural gas sales tax exemptions for restaurants and non-profits

Utility lighting rebates 

Electric and Natural Gas Procurement 

Chamber members can use this benefit to avoid overpaying for electricity and natural gas supply.  

Through the Chamber Energy Program, members have a unique opportunity to work with the experts at CEA for all their utility cost and management needs. As an objective third party, CEA will shop for and analyze supply options to provide members with:  

Low fixed prices for electricity & natural gas 

Favorable contract terms & conditions 

Contract renewal management to help you avoid costly variable rates 

Natural gas sales tax exemptions for non-profits, manufacturers, & restaurants

The Chamber Sustainability Program

The Chamber Sustainability Program helps members reduce their energy costs by connecting them with effective efficiency solutions and project funding and financing. 

This program can assist members with energy efficiency projects and ensure they are maximizing ROI using a wide array of available federal, state, and local rebates, grants, incentives, and other funding options.  

Energy Management and Sustainability 

Chamber members can use this benefit to lower their energy usage through efficiency measures. 

Through the Chamber Sustainability Program, members can get assistance in running their operations more efficiently and finding affordable ways of reducing their carbon footprint and increasing energy savings.  

On-site Solar 

LED Lighting 

Rebates & Grants 

Energy Efficiency Audits

EV Charging Stations

Real-time Monitoring

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Carbon Offsets 

These programs are offered together to assist chamber members in reducing their energy costs and energy conservation. As the trusted benefit providers to over 180 Chambers of Commerce throughout the state of Ohio, we strive to provide education and protection in everything we do. 

To learn more about these energy saving solutions, contact Kathy Elseser at  or 330-208-2082.

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