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Magnify Education - Building Empathy

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance provides an extensive range of programs to local businesses of all industries in Ohio. We invite you to view the Building Empathy Program below.

Magnify Education's Building Empathy

(Please contact your Chamber to determine if they offer this benefit.)

About Building Empathy

Research has shown that increasing empathy among employees has been shown to directly impact the bottom line. By increasing engagement, innovation, inclusivity, and retention, companies that harness the power of empathy see increased sales and reduced costs.

Magnify Education's Building Empathy is a science-based, on-demand, online video education program that can be used on its own or as a supplement to existing training, with a specific group of employees or throughout your company.

Through SOCA, companies receive 10% off the cost of this program.

Overview of Program Content

Building Empathy weaves a story of evolution, DNA inhibitions, and how we as humans can overcome what is intrinsically inside of us to grow and embrace those around us. It demonstrates how diversity is everywhere: in every successful team, there is a wide range of skills and abilities, each equally important. It also examines how increasing our Emotional Intelligence and listening skills helps us open our ability to be more empathetic to others, ultimately increasing our own health and success.

Because of its proven learning benefits, as well as its higher engagement levels, animation is used throughout the program. Participants enter worlds far away from here, featuring aliens and monsters from other planets who share learnings through experiential vignettes that we have all encountered at one time or another.

Benefits of Building Empathy

  • Increasing empathy boosts your bottom line through increased retention, innovation, engagement, inclusion, better health
  • Enhances empathy helps your employees be better leaders
  • Program is flexible for use in a group or for employees to use on-demand
  • Science-focused lessons help learners understand and embrace the material
  • Animation increases engagement and learning

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